“Happy New Year”

(Survivors Who Stand Together) – Would like to wish all Survivors and their Families a very “Happy New Year 2014” – We hope this New Year brings, Good Health / Peace / Happiness / and of course Justice to all Survivors and their Families all over the World.




This is the symbol of our CHILDHOOD cut from the family, the red bleeding, petals the delicate lives the leaves the tiny hands the thorns the pain the wall SLAVERY OF WRONGFUL IMPRISONMENT

Cathriona’s experience at the “Redress Board”


I would ask every one to click on the blue link above minister Quinn’s photo, it’s a link to the “Irish Human Rights Commission” Facebook page! You may ask, What has the IHRC to do with us, the IHRC has every thing to do with us, the IHRC is there to make sure all our human rights are both protected and respected! I phoned the IHRC legal office Mr. Gerry Finn some time ago to explain how Survivors including my self are been treated by minister Quinn’s office and how the whole redress board was no more than more abuse on us Survivors, at first Mr. Finn tried to defend the redress board by saying this; “Well Cathriona the redress board was set up to stop the long wait, like if you took your case to the high court you would be waiting 5 years or more for your case to be called, and you would be put through the whole evidence thing, so the redress board was set up to to deal with all the cases fast and to match high court awards without going in to all the evidence thing!” I said thank you very much Mr. Finn for all that but you obviously do not have a clue what you are taking about, I said I put my application in to the redress board in early 2002 and my case was not called until late 2007, how many years is that? And I said as for not been put through the whole evidence thing, yeah your right, I was not giving an opportunity to give evidence I was told point blank by my solicitor and barrister that my family were bad people who did not care for me as a child and the redress board is prepared to make a settlement in my case to save me the embarrassment of my family history, I said Mr. Finn what has my family history to do with the abuse that I suffered in State care? He had no answer for me, I also said to him that I have the records to show that my case was listed for a full hearing but on the morning of the hearing at the redress board my case was settled in the hall way, I had a barrister one side of me who I never seen before and a solicitor the other side of me who I met twice before, he was based in Dublin and I live in Co. Clare, they advised me to take the offer because the amount of evidence against my family I would not get any award from the redress board if it goes to hearing and if I go to court I don’t have a case because all my problems are been put down to my family even tho the nuns apologised to me via my so called solicitor, I was a advised to take the money and try get on with my life, also bare in mind 5/6 years ago I could not read or write so I was a easy target for the legal eagles and the government thugs running the redress board, I said Mr. Finn I was re abused at the redress board my family had nothing to do with my time in the care of the state and I said it did not just end there, when I was foolish enough to take their offer which by the way was no where near a high court award, they got me to sign forms including a gagging order then I was told that when the redress board lists a case for hearing we have to have a hearing and I said to the solicitor how do you mean a hearing I tough my case is settled he said it is but we have to go in to the room to meet the board and they are going to do the talking and you can’t say a word or you will be in breach of your settlement and the redress board could sue you and you will end up owning them money, so you see Mr. Finn how they tricked me and turned the tables on me, I had to sit in that room for a hour or more listing to my family name been ripped apart and tarnished by those who run the redress board, he said Cathriona if you can get as many other Survivors as you can to come forward and if they are all saying the same as you are saying the IHRC will have no choice but hold an inquiry in to the running of the redress board!!! So other survivors reading this it’s up to you all to stand with me if you think you got a raw deal at the redress just like I have come stand with me @ survivors who stand together and I will set the wheels in motion to take the redress board on via the IHRC. with the aid of a spell cheek on my computer I learned my self to read and Its only when you can read that you can try out your writing and I can safely say that I no longer struggle to read and write I’m as good as the next If not better I did not learn to read and write to let it go to waste, my reading and writing skills are my only tools to fight the HSE / ROPSC / Redress Board / Education Dept. as reading and writing is the only tools we need to win this injustice.

The Truth behind those so called support groups

The Truth About The Support Groups!

Back in 1999, the scandal broke re: Ireland’s Industrial Schools (Ryan Report) a lot of Survivors were oblivious to the scandal breaking and they relied on the media to notify them of the redress board etc etc, while on the other hand we had a lot of Survivors waiting to jump on the fast gravy train and get in their fast and set up a Support Group to pretend that they were helping and supporting Survivors in a bid to get State funded, and they obtained charitable status enabling them to safely collect donations and fundraise in the false pretence that the funds collected were going to help Survivors and their families in need, but we all know now that was not the case, the funds were and are been kept by the head of the groups to fund their own lavish life style while the genuine survivors struggle to make ends meet and some of them living in pure poverty and destitution, this has gone on since 1999 and now in late 2013 it’s still going strong and the reason it’s still going strong is because we never before questioned “where is our funds going?” Those groups have been free to roam and rob survivors funds since the 90s, all because they had (NOBODY) to answer to? Do any of you know of a “Group Watchdog!?” If you do I’d love to hear from you???

Bottom line; (Survivors Who Stand Together) are here to question (ALL) of those groups as to where our funds are going and not just the present funds we want to know where every penny of our funds have gone since day one! And (PROOF) written proof of where our funds have been spent and what have Survivors got to show for all this help and support? I’ve spoken to 100s of Survivors and (NOT) one of them have a positive word to say about any of those so called groups, so this gives us the right to start questioning the groups and the HSE as to where our funds are going because they are not going to the Survivors so the question is; Where is our FUNDS?



To clare.daly@oireachtas.ie
Today at 3:42 AM
They believe that the funds paid by the Hse and Education office is what pays the wages of staff plus the St Stephens fund and donations we just do not see what else they do or what they pay out for especially if Mr C Barry said as he did say survivors own the Right of Place.
Besides my fellow survivor friend received a letter from the HSE to say that the Right of Place is funded to show survivors to welfare and other departments? we believe this is a joke and insult as we all know where these offices are.
Nevertheless survivors are very angry that the Government and Religious CHOSE the best people to represent themselves the Government spent a fortune on their choice of action regarding redress and the Ryan Report this cost the TAX Payer the fortune that Minister Quinn is spearheading a 50 50 deal for not survivors REDRESS. It could have cost the State much much more if all 15000 witnesses went to Court for justice, for wrongfully Imprisonment and Slavery of women and children for also the abuses that had taken place as the abuses had nothing to do with Imprisonment and Slavery as these are rightfully seen as Cultural abuse of Human Rights as we have research ourselves.

It cost Nothing to the State in comparison to fund so called survivor Groups with their own CHOSEN COSTS, the truth these Groups were funded indicates the lack of responsibility or concern for survivors as simply all names could have been taken just like this Statutory fund, so survivors could be advised properly.

But no that never happened but what happens now is even more shocking as I have witnessed survivors breaking down in meetings as they cannot even afford to live the life they hate and cannot even afford to have a coffin.

Yet this Fund Mary Higgins is chosen by the Minister ans is to be paid over 80.000 euro and there was nothing in the meetings in Cork to survivors about the two new people chosen yet again for the Board of this fund, but if you see their site you will see that they are top people again chosen by the Minister of Education to be paid by the SURVIVORS fund so survivors get less, and the top people get the lot, if these people were brought up in any meeting there would be an uproar. As they were very concerned about the wages from this fund soaking up the fund for hugh wages such as Mary Higgins costs.
Mary Higgins must have known these people were to be chosen just a few weeks ago but decided not to say knowing that survivors were angry at the wages she is being paid.
In these meetings Mary Higgins did say she will seek a special medical card for survivors as they cannot even afford a dentist and prescriptions for their sufferings from the horrific damages Quinn mentions himself .
We have just received last week a letter stating the new staff of the fund but NOTHING on the letter to say how the news is about her seeing to the special medical cards or welfare support. Nothing about the points survivors raised and my questions on why the Health Minister and Welfare Ministers have never been in touch since the abuses were brought to light.
Sorry to go on but survivors are asking me wht is going to happen I guess i work hard for nothing but to seek support for my large family of survivors.
regards Robert