Email for  Sineád Desmond and Mark Cagney Ireland AM

Hi Mark and Sineád, i am contacting you regarding an interview you did on this Morning’s show with Mary Higgins CEO of Caranua, allow me please point out to you that the name Caranua only came about in resent weeks,  the real name of Caranua is or was “The Statutory Trust Fund” I am a Survivor of Ireland’s industrial Schools, i think it is very unfair that no survivors were invited on to the show to represent survivors? why only a one sided interview?  Mary Higgins does not speak for us Survivors, Caranua as she calls it is a fraud, that 110 Million was giving to us Survivors by the 18 Religious orders, the Money in that fund is called “Reparation Money” it is not state money, the state are guilty parties in our Childhood abuse and have no right to control and dictate to us Survivors how our money is going to be spent! Mary Higgins makes it very clear that there is “No cash” in the fund for Survivors, she failed to mention that she is in receipt of a salary  of 80 Thousand euro per year plus for the next five years and all expenses paid, while most of the Survivors live in poverty and destitution.

I work online with a team of Survivors, we help and support each other and try make sure Survivors are kept informed about whats going on with our Reparation Money and properties etc, survivors put petitions up to try stop this fund, survivors protested to try stop this fund, survivors bulk emailed all members of the government to try and stop this fund, every thing in this fund is already available to very member of the public, our funds are  been used in Administration “jobs and big salaries for the boys!” I am asking you both to call Mary Higgins back on the show and i will go on to represent and defend my fellow survivors against this further injustice?

Your Sincerely,

Cathriona Barker @ survivors who stand together . com



  1. Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    Survivors of abuse want justice and reparation some need counselling all need respect. The one thing they don’t need is yet another quango stuffed to the gills with highly paid govt appointees. “every thing in this fund is already available to very member of the public, our funds are been used in Administration “jobs and big salaries for the boys!”

  2. SURVIVORS who went tru the RIRB Qualify , according to Caranua, but not according to Quinn and his Cronies, who say it is only effective from the actual date of the Caranua launching, 6 January 2014. NOT from the dates of Survivors attendance at the RIRB
    , which could have been any date over the last ten years ! Sick scam !

    Sick scam 2, Funeral expenses, Survivors cant claim for anything in this , Spouse or Kin,excluded, you qualify if you pass on , but just how do you manage that ? Applying, not Dying !

    Scam 3, Caranua was designed and engineered to enable Quinn and his lackys to introduce new legistation , and effectivly do away with the legistation of the STF, adding further Abuse on Survivors, who are mostly elderly now, and still been Abused like they were in their Childhood.

    Overall , every bit of this Caranua outfit is the biggest insult to Survivors, Giant size SCAM !
    The rules, terms and conditions, the use of Survivors money to furnish a lavish life style for Ms Higgins , and board members , Most of who know f*** all about Survivors or their problems , cant allow a visit to their head office, and use a bloody box no, with a call centre hired out from Bangladeshi !

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