Only 2,000 applied to Caranua

Only 2,000 Survivors have to date applied to Caranua, meaning that we have a massive 13,000 survivors who either don’t know about the fund, or don’t want any thing from it, or are against the fund! So the large majority of survivors have not applied to Caranua, last week word was going around that the majority of survivors had applied to Caranua, as it turns out this were false information. (Survivors Who Stand Together) only give out correct information and the correct information is that ONLY 2,000 have applied to Caranua. We will be more careful next time when information like this comes our way, it will be carefully checked to make sure that it is genuine information.


5 thoughts on “Only 2,000 applied to Caranua

  1. That is incorrect information also as a few thousadn have died that went to redress and the applications are apparently flying in from Survivors as they hear about it, whether we agree or disagree with it at the end of the day it is the individual survivors who must make their own decesion on this fund much as many of us have found fault with it it is now down to the survivors to speak for themselves on this matter. I have consistantly said the fund was flawed from the start and it still is as it will only be able to help some but not all of the survivors and therefore this is a major fault. I am also aware that indeed Mary Higgins is trying to make our medical cards be reviwed to our advantage and they are looking at other matters we put to them when we met with them, so lets see what happens as it will no doubt take time but the medical card is essential to upgrade it.

    • From: mary higgins (
      Sent: 19 March 2014 09:22:10
      To: survivors stand (
      Dear ******

      Many thanks for letting me know about the protest and of course I respect the right of people participating to do that.

      In answer to your questions: We have received over 2,000 completed applications; Caranua will not be taking means into account and at the moment we cannot pay for funeral costs as it is outside of what the legislation allows but this is an issue that we hope to discuss with the Minister and hopefully include in the future. When we say Education, it is a broad interpretation to include adult education and classes such as literacy.

      As you know, there are an estimated 15,000 individuals eligible to benefit from our services. If some of those are not going to apply to us because they are opposed to the Fund, it would be useful if we knew how many there are so if you could give us that information it would help us to understand how well we are doing in terms of making people know of our existence.

      With all good wishes


      Mary Higgins
      Chief Executive Officer

  2. Yes only 2000 survivors out of 15000 survivors applied and filled out the forms SURVIVORS ARE DESPERATE and have NEEDS Survivors have the right to do so if they wish, the `PROBLEM IS the Caranua is NOT FUNDING SURVIVORS as it is indeed the other way round this is SURVIVORS MONEY FUNDING WAGES and ALL bills regarding this fund. As for Promises on medical cards etc etc it sounds like the ROPSC.
    This has been the argument from day one about FUNDS, Education for literacy IS IN TRUTH already available in many areas in main stream society.
    There are still over 13000 survivors and NOT ONE of them ACTUALLY KNOW what is AVAILABLE. They have no IDEA what so ever what the fund is for even us as NOTHING has been laid out properly and in Order it has a sense of go along with the flow and see what happens.
    Besides Mary Higgins OPENLY ADMITTED that Minister Quinn is her BOSS and NOW claims this is an Independent BODY NOT SO if she was and is employed by Minister Quinn.
    And what was there to hide that she threatened to walk out of a meeting if a Reporter came into the room?.
    Besides if she felt stongly enough about the ((( SPECIAL))) MEDICAL CARDS and welfare allowances she would have mentioned this in her INTERVIEWS with the MEDIA as then it would be PUBLICIZED and survivors could hold her and Quinn to this but NOTHING.
    It was good the two meetings took place but I feel it was all a waste of time as it is becoming very OBVIOUS SURVIVORS ONCE AGAIN have not been heard.

  3. hello..:) i was under the impression that its caranua or nothing what happens if i refuse to apply? thought we had no choice..

    • Hi Derrick, it’s your own right and choice if you wish to apply to Carauna, however, if you are strongly against the fund you are most welcome to attend our protest on May the 20th next @ 1pm @ Leinster House, survivors who stand together are going to make their feelings knowing re: Caranua and we have a surprise on the same day and date for the so called groups who have been stealing survivors funds for years!

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