(We are looking witnesses who feel they have been wrongly treated by the so called “support groups”)

Dear all,
I have been down every road and alleyway possible in a bid to expose the abuse of the so called support groups and I’m sad to say that each time I’ve hit a brick wall.

The current situation is; we have members of the media (Fearful) to go after the groups / HSE / etc. so I’ve decided to take them on an other way, but I can not do it without (Witnesses) any person who is a (Survivor / Victim / witness) of Ireland’s industrial schools who have turned to (Any Support Group) for help and assistance I really need to hear from you all?

I need to hear of your treatments at the hands of (All Support Groups) .

Can you help me help you? I’m not afraid of them I could not careless about them, but I will not rest until I get them.

It gave me a kick start when I heard that the media are fearful of them, what can the media be afraid of? Clare Daly TD has tried her best to help us but she can’t walk into the office of the (public ombudsman) and make accusations without solid proof, we need witness to back our accusations up and we can go to town on the so called support Groups big time, even any Survivors who have negative experience with the groups outside of Ireland in the UK and further a field we’d love to hear from you all, we need to build a strong case we need as many witnesses that we can get, family members of survivors are very welcome to make statements also.

If I get enough statements I will hand them in to the office of the public ombudsman in person and I will ask a Solicitor to accompany me as a witness and to make sure that we receive a receipt for our statements.

Last year one of the largest groups (Right of Place Second Chance) received €170,000 from the HSE this year they received €160,000 how much of that money have you the survivors benefited from?

Whether you all know it or not but you are all been conned (again) thanks for reading, and again anybody wanting to help stop them fraudulent groups, please private message me or email me @ survivorswhostandtogether@outlook.ie all information or statements will be will be kept strictly private and for the use of the ombudsman’s office only.

Also, there is no need to go writing long letters all we need in the very basic (we need to hear did the groups help you (yes) or (no) and we will take it from that) and try build a case against the groups and have them stopped. Survivors will have a place to go but the fake groups must go first, then and only then will we have a (voice)





(Survivors Who Stand Together) … We have decided to cancel this Protest against the Caranua Fund.


Reason been, we find that most Survivors do not want the Caranua fund but they fear to Protest it, because if they do and we do not manage to have it overturned, they fear that they will be placed on a (Black List) with the Caranua fund and end up getting (nothing) at all. The State are knowing for putting fear in people, this fear that Survivors are experiencing is due to their Childhood abuse in Church/State ran Schools, and the State are thriving on this (Fear).


We wish a assure you all that no Protest does not mean (No Fight for Justice) we will continue to challenge the Education Dept and the HSE. We will hound the Media into listening to us; we will hound every TD with (bulk e-mailing) and demand a full independent investigating into the “So Called Support Groups” … We already have Clare Daly TD on our side and we have confidence in her that we will get an investigating into the “Groups” if we prove the “Groups” are Corrupt, we prove the lot.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone one who have supported us, and to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation of this Protest.


If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact us @ any time; @  http://wp.me/42ijX



Change of Plan

Change of Plan

(Survivors Who Stand Together)

Are going to Protest the so called support groups and Caranua!!!

As we believe it were the groups who got us Survivors into this mess in the first place!!!
We demand to know where all the money is going that the HSE & other Agencies are giving these “so called support groups”

Caranua is only one of many concerns that Survivors have regarding the so called representation that the so called groups claim to offer the Survivors.
The so called groups are the roots to all Survivors suffering following the (Ryan Report) Survivors have never had an independent voice.

The so called support groups represent their own pocket and the pockets of their family and friends; they run cottage industries/ family businesses.

When have the groups ever held a Protest? How come Survivors do not have a (Pavee Point) type of national centre set up for protecting the rights and entitlements of all Survivors of Ireland’s industrial Schools?
Survivors have had no aftercare Survivors have been failed yet again, this time by greed and corruption.
“If we prove the so called groups have never represented us we may just be able to overturn Caranua”!!!

Pell rethink on abuse claims


Cardinal George Pell has opened the door to hundred of millions of dollars in payments for victims of child sex abuse by members of the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Pell has reportedly agreed that the controversial $75,000 cap on payments under the Melbourne Response should be removed and old cases reassessed in line with Australian civil claim standards.

He made the comments to the parents of two abuse victims, Chrissie and Anthony Foster, in a rare meeting held after his final appearance at the child sex abuse royal commission.

Mr Foster said Cardinal Pell had originally argued compensation should be determined by an independent body set up by the government, but then changed his mind.

Mr Foster said he told Cardinal Pell: ‘‘You understand this will cost the Catholic Church in Melbourne several hundred million dollars?’’ He said the Cardinal nodded and said ‘‘yes’’.

The couple had not met Cardinal Pell since 1997, a meeting in which Mr Foster later said the then Melbourne Catholic Archbishop showed a ‘‘sociopathic lack of empathy’’.

According to the family, when they told him how Father Kevin O’Donnell had repeatedly raped daughters Emma and Katie Foster, starting when each was five years old, Pell replied: ‘‘I hope you can substantiate that in court.’’

Emma since killed herself at the age of 26, while her sister Katie drank heavily before being left disabled by a drunk driver in 1999.

Mr Foster said Cardinal Pell was a man unrecognisable from their last meeting. ‘‘He was congenial, smiling, keen to ensure we felt comfortable.’’

Mr Foster said he hoped the new compensation process would be named ‘‘Emma’s Response’’.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/pell-rethink-on-abuse-claims-20140328-35olb.html#ixzz2xvsHx1HC