Abuse Documents “NOT” to be Destroyed



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“The Citizens of Ireland have paid for the Sins of the Congregations of Religious Ireland #CORI #BailOutTheCitizen ”
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Shame Of Ireland
We are the Shame of Ireland because the Politicians and Religious are Ashamed of us! When it is them that Should be Ashamed!

#CORI #BailOutTheCitizens

Undue Deference by the State to the Church has seen the Irish Citizen expend Money on Enquiries that exonerate the Perpetrators of

  • Child Rape
  • Starvation
  • Cruel Beatings
  • Slavery
  • Dehumanisation of Women and Children

 The Irish Citizen deserves this Money Back!


The State Failed to Regulate the Magdalene Laundries and Produced a “Whitewash” (Macaleese) Report Exonerating the Perpetrators of Abuse!

The State DID NOT

  • Beat,
  • Starve
  • Rape or
  • Abuse and Denigrate
  • A Single Woman!

 The State did not run the Magdalene Laundries at a Profit!


Similarly the State DID Regulate the Industrial Schools by “Appointment“

Giving the Perpetrators’ Plenty of Time to hide the Abuse, and buy Food!


The State DID NOT

  • Rape
  • Beat
  • Starve
  • Abuse and Denigrate

A Single Child


The Average Payment for Incarceration as a Child in an Industrial School was €67,000!

Those who received it are now suffering Ill Health and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Suffering from a Lack of Trust and Living in Social Isolation!

The Same Judge who worked out The Compensation known as Redress awarded a Woman €50,000 for having her home searched by Mistake!

See bit.ly/LCGt0f for a Report of this Case? I know what I would prefer??

 Ruairi Quinn Accused Department of Taoiseach and HSE of being Members of Opus Dei & Knights of St Columbanus prior to taking the role of Minister for the HSE!

 He now States that he will not Bankrupt the Religious Orders, who Haven’t Paid the Original Redress Bill Capped by the Unconstitutional Indemnity Deal!

 It’s Time to Separate the Church and State Remove Hospitals and Schools from Church Control and Bail Out the Irish Citizen for what they Have Paid on behalf of the Congregations of Religious Ireland!

 The Balance Should then be Shared equally between the Living Survivors of the Magdalene Laundries and the Industrial Schools. Where a Recipient has died since the original Award their Estate ie Surviving Partner or Children should be the Beneficiary.

The Corresponding Petition is @ http://chn.ge/1iYJ5Zj





Rob (Admin) @ Shame Of Ireland @ bit.ly/QdDyMl