Mannix Flynn


Nobody talks openly about it. Now and then you hear something that sounds familiar, that you heard before.   Nobody wants to commit to confirming it but nobody denies it.   What’s most alarming, is that nobody is doing anything about it. But déja vu is unfair on victims.

 The Ryan, Ferns, Murphy, Cloyne and recent Magdalene Commission and Quirke reports into the Magdalene laundries all report that people knew what was happening to the people in the residential institutions.  ‘In Plain Sight’ the report by Amnesty International pointed to general awareness of abuse in our residential institutions in our society and asked why nobody lifted a finger.

 Asking around over the past couple of months, having observed over the past decade or more, and having had first-hand experience of it, it is now time to make public that exploitation, bullying and intimidation  are alive and well in the many…

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