UPDATE FROM: Paul O’Donoghue Journalist Irish Mirror

UPDATE FROM: Paul O’Donoghue Journalist Irish Mirror

Almost finished my shift so will give a few a ring as soon as I can Cathriona. If you’re speaking to any of them please let them know that quite a lot of survivors have gotten in touch with me and I intend to speak to as many as I can, however as I want to do the story properly and talking to one person could easily take upwards of half an hour it may take me a while to speak to everyone.

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Hi All, here is the journalist contact details – please phone or email him (tomorrow he is doing the interviews) – it is up to all you now to play your own part – the publishing of our stories to this journalist could very well lead to other media zooming in on this Caranua fraud fund and we might finally get heard- best of luck to you all.(PUBLIC NOTE TO SO CALLED SUPPORT GROUPS) “Any underhand persons wanting to contact this journalist in a bid to discredit Survivors by telling lies AND FABRICATING STORIES about Caranua been great- it will not work- i will find out and i will publicly name and shame you- make no mistake about that- my mission is to help Survivors not the fake groups who never represented survivors” !!

Paul O’Donoghue Journalist Irish Mirror Ph: Mobile 0872895152 – Office 01-8299600 – Email paul.o’donoghue@trinitymirror.com

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“I Rest My Case” !!

The vast majority of Survivors do not want the Caranua fund- this fund was forced on us Survivors- that’s the the long and short of it- why was there not a vote taking from the 13, 000 Survivors? the State have all our names /address/ phone numbers even our PPS Number -so we can be tracked every where we go- the sole reason we were NOT asked is very simply- we never had a say in how our 110 million was to be spent- also where are our properties that came with the 110 Million? – Why should the State get to dictate to us how our funds are been spent ? the State are guilty parties in our childhood abuse? (example) – “if a judge ordered a guilty party who assaulted a person to pay their victim €500e – would the guilty party be in a position to dictate to its victim how that €500e will be spent?” “If i was representing this case in the criminal courts of the civil courts that would be my closing argument to the court” – Defending s Do Not Have The Privilege To Dictate To The Plaintiffs”? Right? Wrong; The defendants are dictating to US Plaintiffs- us Survivors been the PLAINTIFFS of Church & State ABUSE !! BOTH 100% GUILTY PARTIES/ THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 50% GUILTY- imagine appearing in court charged with an offence and the judge asks you how do you plead – you reply well your honor i am only half guilty- he would jail you for making fun of his court !! I rest my case !! wake up – stand up- be counted !!