Re: ((Support Groups)) ~ Please Help Me !! ~ Help You !!

Dear All,
Following a number of complaints made to (Survivors Who Stand Together.Com) regarding the lack of help and support that Survivors have received at the hands of some of the so called support groups – I am doing up a check on every support group in the World- starting in Ireland and in the Munster region in which I reside in at the moment – I am appealing to (All) Survivors of Irelands institutions “Industrial Schools / Madgiline Laundries / Mother and Baby Homes / etc” … to please get in touch with a so called support groups and (ask) for help / support? If you need help in any area of life no matter what just ask and please contact me direct with (your experiences) of the groups? And I will take if for there? This is my own way of teasing out the on going problems Survivors/Victims face on a daily basic with some of the so called support groups !!
I know that we have support groups who claim to represent large number of survivors from Irelands Intuitions- these groups collect funds from the public and fundraising (some are Church & State funded too)- some of them use our names on their begging buckets- I personally know that some of the funds are not going to meet the survivors needs the funds are going to meet the needs of the greedy b******s who are keeping the funds for them self’s their own pockets !!
I live in Co. Clare and the nearest groups to me is in Co. Cork – so I need (you) all survivors to ask the few named groups named below for help / support? Report back to me with the out come and I will publish it all over the internet and other sites will do the same- this is the only way of proving that the so called groups do not help / support survivors / victims of Ireland’s institutions – and if they help / support you I will publish it too- but we have got to ask to be refused – please help me help you? Ask one of those groups for help and see what help you receive? I am not making any accusations about the 3 named groups below- I am simply pointing out to my fellow Survivors that there is groups who claim to help and support Survivors Victims of the schools etc – So I am calling on you all to ask for help and support and please notify me of your experience “but only if you want to” I am independent of the groups (due to my own bad experience with two groups) here in Ireland. If survivors report back to me that they did receive help from the 3 named groups below well that will be published and the 3 groups will be thanked and I will move on to my next region and publish an other few groups- so we can eliminate the good groups from the bad groups as we progress. I can be contacted @ or join me on facebook @
Right of Place Offices
Head Office – Cork / Kerry Office
Click here to contact our Cork / Kerry Office using our contact form.
100-101, Lower Glanmire Rd., Cork City
Tel: 1890 200 709 (LowCall) & 021 4551377
Fax: 021 4551386
Opening Hours:

Monday – 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM
Tuesday – 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM
Wednesday – 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM
Thursday – 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM
Friday – 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM
Head Office
Offices and Apartments, 100-101, Lower Glanmire Rd., Cork City
Tel: 021 4551377
Fax: 021 4551386
36 Barretts Buildings
Off Blarney Street
Cork Ciiy Ireland
Tel: 00353 21 2393311
Mob: 00353 87 9304976
Munster Survivors Support Services Ltd.

• 6 Elm Close
• Cork
• Ireland
• 021-4359137
• 087-0516070


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