Thousands of children in Irish care homes at centre of ‘baby graves scandal’ were used in secret vaccine trials in the 1930s


Lóóking Information Re: Goldenbridge Dublin / St. Kyran’s Rathdrum Co. Wicklow

A woman whose husband was at St Kyran’s emailed me after reading articles by a Goldenbridge survivor on my website, because she has some questions. I offered to ask them here for her and she was very keen.

Thank you for any help you can give; I will pass on replies if there are any.

Was there a Sister Agnes at St. Kyrans some time between 1952-54? Is anything known about her behaviour to the children?
Is anything known about inmates at Rathdrum being “sold” to personnel on an American airbase in Warrington, Lancashire?


“Little faith” in alleged Garda corruption probe. For more on this story and other please visit

“Little faith” in alleged Garda corruption probe.

Philip Boucher-Hayes


Shane Tuohey’s  body was found in 2002 in the River Brosna in Clara Co Offaly following a night out with friends. The Gardai were swift to conclude that Shane had killed himself but there was a lot of evidence – pointing towards the possibility of foul play – that was not considered by the guards in a timely fashion.

The scene where his body was found was not preserved for forensic examination. No attempt was made to recover CCTV of the night he disappeared and the one tape that was secured was subsequently lost. Allegations of an assault on Shane were not investigated until six months later. Gardai produced a witness statement from a woman claiming Shane was suicidal that was later denied in its entirety by the woman.

I investigated this case first eight years ago and to my amazement got a letter from the then Garda Commissioner admitting the…

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“Rest in Peace James (Jimmy) Moy Survivor”

I am posting this letter this evening as I sadly learned of the sudden death of James (Jimmy) Moy (Survivor) and true fighter to the cause – Jimmy who passed away on the 16th of June 2014 will be greatly and sadly missed by all Survivors who knew him for this great work in fighting for Survivors rights and also fighting the Caranua fraud fund. Below is (one) of the last letters Jimmy wrote and you will see his true feelings for Mary Higgins CEO of the Carauna fraud fund!! “Rest in Peace Jimmy” xx

Very Valid points re: Caranua Fraud Fund!
Posted on February 23, 2014
Jimmy Moy Feb 22, 8:56 pm
SURVIVORS who went tru the RIRB Qualify , according to Caranua, but not according to Quinn and his Cronies, who say it is only effective from the actual date of the Caranua launching, 6 January 2014. NOT from the dates of Survivors attendance at the RIRB
, which could have been any date over the last ten years ! Sick scam !
Sick scam 2, Funeral expenses, Survivors cant claim for anything in this , Spouse or Kin,excluded, you qualify if you pass on , but just how do you manage that ? Applying, not Dying !
Scam 3, Caranua was designed and engineered to enable Quinn and his lackys to introduce new legistation , and effectivly do away with the legistation of the STF, adding further Abuse on Survivors, who are mostly elderly now, and still been Abused like they were in their Childhood.
Overall , every bit of this Caranua outfit is the biggest insult to Survivors, Giant size SCAM !
The rules, terms and conditions, the use of Survivors money to furnish a lavish life style for Ms Higgins , and board members , Most of who know f*** all about Survivors or their problems , cant allow a visit to their head office, and use a bloody box no, with a call centre hired out from Bangladeshi !
Jimmy Moy Feb 22, 8:56 pm