The Irish system should be ashamed of them self’s !!

Dear Frances (Minister for Justice)

Seeing as you refuse to meet with me in person and my constant regular emails don’t seem to get to you either I have decided to write you an open letter. As you know my case is with the Panel Review who are looking at 300 cases of police corruption and mishandling in Ireland. My case is at the higher end of serious mishandling given that I was sexually abused by three retired police officers who may be the father of the child I gave birth to at the age of eleven and who your Government are still paying a police pension to.

My daughter Noleen Murphy born in my family home was then murdered to protect those who could have fathered her. One of the police officers was at the scene of the murder to help to cover up the murder. But you already know all that and so have all your predecessors since 1996.

So back to the review, you announced in the Dail some time ago now that your party were holding off the Terms of Reference for the Commission to Investigate into the Guerin Report in this event that some of the cases of the Panel Review might be added to that investigation.

I did a press conference in April 2014

You simply announced you had put together a panel to look at our cases and then left us in the dark, we didn’t know what if any Terms of Reference were for the Panel, we didn’t even know right up until September if they had began to look at our cases, and we didnt know what areas of our cases were being looked at. Despite many emails asking about this and phone calls we were once again left in the dark.

Speaking for myself I felt victimized and isolated and very badly let down all over again, quite simply put, the system you put in place to supposedly approach police corruption was full of silence and confusing and not much different to how I was treated by the police for the last twenty years.

But then you lifted my spirits when you announced that some of our cases might be added to the Commission to Investigate for the Guerin report.

That was shirt lived though when last night (19/12/14) at the close of day and on the close of the Christmas holiday you released the Terms of Reference for the Guerin Report and there is NO mention of the 300 cases that the Panel Review Team are looking at?

Enter confusion and betrayal and darkness and despair my loyal friends once again, now we go into the Christmas period once again alone and isolated and full of questions and a large sense of betrayal, this of course was done deliberately. Make your announcement and close for Christmas, no where open for this 300 victims to ring or ask questions, left completely in the dark and worrying if this means that our cases are not going to be heard by a fully transparent and open Inquiry into very serious matters.

May I also remind you that a lot of us have lost loved ones, I myself lost three siblings to suicide because we were left in our family home to be abused and no one rescued us despite our family being involved with Social Workers.

So Christmas is a very painful time of the year anyway for a lot of us, but that doesn’t seem to occur to you or any of your party as you all dash off now to enjoy your Christmas, you see, you have the answers, you are in the know, but 300 victims and their families will now spend Christmas upset and confused and very worried, if I had one word of advise to give you Ms Fitzgerald it would be to look up the word VICTIM, and maybe spend your holiday reading up a bit on how a victim suffers.

This open letter is going to be shared far and wide over the holiday period for others to see how victims are treated in Ireland and of course I will be emailing it as always to every other member of the Irish Government and asking other victim’s to email their own letter to you and to your Facebook page on

I am calling on you now to make an announcement when you return to office to the 300 victims and let us know what is happening with our cases and when we might expect to hear the outcome of the Review Panel.

Yours Cynthia Owen (Dalkey House of Horrors).


2 thoughts on “The Irish system should be ashamed of them self’s !!

  1. Caranua is not fit for purpose. I applied for legitimate funds in July and now it’s December and not a word from Caranua. I think it’s a disgrace how the survivors fund is run. Refusing to pay money belonging to the survivors of abuse. It like asking a bank for a loan. Caranua needs to be held to account for the dreadful way they are treating the survivors of abuse by not releasing funds to help them.

    • James it is CRIMINAL the RTE Broadcasted that there will be no GRAVY TRAIN this time round meaning of course NO LEGAL REPRESENTATION to PROTECT SURVIVORS COMPENSATIONS
      All that was needed was a Legal office to use the money we GOT THE ABUSERS DOING IT the STATE full stop

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