A LETTER to Mary Higgins CEO Caranua fund

Hi Mary i am concerned to be seeing my questions on your site i had Clare Daly raise on behalf of myself I think this is an invasion of my work i carried out for Survivors who stand together and not for the Caranua web page so please why was i NOT asked if this materiel can be used, I have worked very very hard and transparently and as honest as i can to see and research all information for my fellow survivors I will be contacting Clare on this matter too. I see this as totally unfair and unjust of the Caranua to use this material asit was work I carried out for my fellow survivors as i said. I should have been asked on this matter as it was in concern for my own and other children as our young children have been BLOCKED yet again from much needed funds and Families are suffering POVERTY due to CHILD and Family abuse. I see this as an infringement on my work and all my time as i work every day honestly for my fellow Survivors.

I am looking forward to hearing from you on this matter and also to the matter regarding Ger? what ever her name is as she is a member of your Staff, who terminated my phone call on the matter of asking for an explanation of what she considered as Caranua Guidelines as they seem so diverse and open to interpretation and unfairness regarding this Redress fund or is it a redress fund? if so I still would like an explanation as to why we Survivors were NOT advised LEGALLY on the setup of this fund.more bullshit using my workSurvivors who stand together material is being used to Prolong arguments from Survivors as we also have our calls TERMINATED when ever we ask awkward QUESTIONS.

So here are some Questions unanswered so far.

1, why was a secret indemnity agreement held between some Government Ministers and Religious Ministers ?

2. Since the Government APOLOGIZED why do Survivors have to pay 600 million to the Irish Government for crimes they committed/admitted against Irish families to help THEM pay for Redress? The Abuse is NOT the same as the Government were Guilty of Cultural Abuse and the Rligious were Guilty of Sexual emotional and physical abuse.

3. Why does minister Quinn who was acting Minister of Education refer to Survivors of abuse to claim the Religious money of 600 million to pay for this Redress the Government themselves offered? When ever was there a 50 50 deal for Fines for crimes committed especially when the forms of Abuse are in different from Government to Religious?

4. This Minister Quinn also promised a 110 million to survivors of abuse why only 110 million? this is NOT the full sum from Religious the sum was 600 million for the ABUSES they committed after all the Government chose REDRESS and OFFERED to FINANCE this REDRESS. So why charge Survivors of their abuse for their Sufferings?

5. Why were Support Groups referred to regarding Meetings and dealings and NOT LEGAL OFFICES? as the Group Staff were unqualified inexperienced uneducated in all fields regarding funding and all safety precautions needed for such vulnerable Families including and especially young  CHILDREN giving this being a cause of CHILD ABUSE where these staff members were NOT Police checked a very similar attitude to trusting the religious in institutions yet again.?

6.  A/ Where is this so called 110 Million euro fund? and who gave the Education Minister the right to judge survivors of addiction behaviors to take hold of this 110 million and form a fund? YET at the same time Survivors had been redressed with much larger sums? B/ why are survivors described as old feeble weak aging uneducated sick dying to also support the claim a fund is needed yet after a certain time they are turned away after being informed they have enough? A very very strange behavior indeed. C/ why were Survivors NOT LEGALLY REPRESENTED regarding the 600 million Religious Compensation/Redress? that Minister Quinn and his cronies walked in on a dodgy 50 50 deal taking the full amount?  D/ where is the Interest rate of this so called 110 million? 1/ who is investing it where is it invested and why ? 2/ is it to be taxed? E/ why inexperienced Support Groups and NOT a LEGAL Support Office? F/ Considering Survivors never had a choice of who is on the Board of this fund CARANUA, how and why was a Staff member fully trusted by the Education Minister Quinn and Mary Higgins REMOVED almost  as soon as he had started and trusted as a TRUSTEE of the Board? and why is his Site back up after he was REMOVED from the CARANUA and Memorial fund were very vulnerable Survivors have no idea who he is or why he was removed from these Governmental funds regarding Vulnerable Survivors of Child abuse?  ( this site needs to be removed also or the person involved ) G/ why and how did it come about that SURVIVORS have to PAY MASSIVE WAGE Structures of this CARANUA Fund Supposingly it is a REDRESS FUND? and that these wages nd offices and all equipment are all coming from this redress payment from the RELIGIOUS as this is NOT GOVERNMENT MONEY ? H/ How was it the EDUCATION MINISTER QUINN and NOT THE HEALTH MINISTER  have/ had full control of this CARANUA REDRESS fund? Why is it Young Children have NEVER BEEN FUNDED TO DATE and all involved Governmet Education Minister Religious and Groups as well as the HSE and Media know that YOUNG CHILDREN are to LOOSE OUT regarding ANY REDRESS FUNDS especially for health and educational developmental and skills where they lack VITAL MEMBERS of the FAMILY all down to the ABUSE of CHILDREN by both STATE AND RELIGIOUS? ( this is the Evidence of further NEGLECT by STATE AND RELIGIOUS AND GROUPS INCLUDING HSE ) i/ WHO is paying these installments of the 110 million (fraction of RELIGIOUS REDRESS) or is the INTEREST RATES of the CARANUA FUND we have no idea of actually toping up the REDRESS to make the sum of 110 million as the sum seems not to have grown but had been used up at a massive pase compared to survivors who have benefited from this fund as a near 40-50 million was claimed to have been spent at under 3000 survivors in just one to two years?J/ Why is there absalutley no evidence of any transactions regarding the 600 million the 110 million giving this money is NOT belonging to Government or Religious as it is supposed to redress the poverty living of families who are trying to survive after all related abuse ?

7 where is the 500,000 supposing memorial money ? ( saying this survivors did not want a Religious SHRINE the Groups like ROPSC tried to support.

8. Why are Young Children being blocked from ALL FUNDS and why is the support Groups turning a BLIND eye to this concern? Young Children have not seen or do they have any funds where older relatives have benefited from, according to the 2002 original Education fund. Parents of YOUNG CHILDREN found to their HORROR their CHILDREN / DEPENDENTS were TURNED AWAY from this 2002 REDRESS FUND for Education/ Family tracing and counseling in SECRET as it was NOT part of any agreement ALSO HELD IN SECRET between GOVERNMENT FUNDED  GROUPS HSE and RELIGIOUS. so YET AGAIN WE HAVE THE NEGLECT of EQUALITY here as Children were and are Present in the time of the agreed Education fund of 2002 , B/ When the education Minister Jan O Sullivan was questioned on this matter over the past few years she referred to this matter in according with the ( not 20002 agreement  where older relatives did benefit from Education funds  KNOWING CHILDREN were NOT INCLUDED ) but in according yet again 2012 redress agreement she actually threw this argument into the 2012 agreement whereit certainly does NOT BELONG as she had  DELIBERATELY avoided the parental issue of YOUNG CHILDREN knowing they DID NOT QUALIFY for the 2002 fund. In other words she refused Parental needs yet again regarding developmental and skills for young children as she said according to the 2012 redress act RELATIVES are NOT ENTITLED to CARANUA fund as they had benefited already from the 2002 redress fund  SHE KNEW CHILDREN DID NOT QUALIFY in SECRET but is using the old redress 2002 and throwing ALL RELATIVES CHILDREN as well knowing they never benefitted from any funds what a FILTHY COVER UP




  1. Love your article I received €7000 after attending the official gestapo,so far I’ve received €1245 for home help.which cara Nua stopped 2weeks ago.Why should I be forced to spend the money on stupid massages etc,.Im I’ll and can’t work anymore,for half the week I live on sandwiches.Im also a carer for a family member.I can’t access the fund for what I really need.Sad to say it is not unexpected.I have a case worker who has lied to me,telling me my fund will end in 2017,also she lied to me saying the maximum I coul have was about €1000.Since then I found out there was no limit.She is a nasty piece of work.I received a pack telling me I would be able to get furniture among other things so long I sign the legal doc, enclosed which says I will sign away my previous rights to the fund and if I sign I will have a new limit of € so fed up I don’t want it anymore.You can be sure 100% the secret deal worked out in Killarney made politishions barristers and the church will benifit them all.As far as I’m concerned.Im a quiet person but these bastards have pissed me off.Theyve done it to the wrong woman.A little bit of info fell into my hands ,so I’m researching it and have found a spiders web of business with the church and cronies in the centre.i have bit more to work on.its slow progress as I’m battening with bad health.
    Revenge is a dish served cold.Im hopefully my info will take them all out.

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