Christmas Greetings

I am wishing everyone all around the world a very happy Christmas. Life can be hard and cruel at the best of times but at Christmas it is that bit harder for people who have lost their family and their friends, the ones who are left in the world on their own, a lot of my school friends had good families and the Irish state destroyed their lives and walked away untouched, to be clear the government broke up families and destroyed them, I say to victims please don’t believe in giving up, believe in you and your ability to be the better person.

If any survivors wish to reach out to me for support over Christmas please do not hesitate to email me at; and if you email me your number I’ll call you back, registered counselors ask victims for money before they ask them how they are, and that is not nice, it is testimony that they are more interested in money than their clients/victims well-being!!!

Merry Christmas

The Irish government need to answer this question

The vast majority of people who left the industrial schools had troubled lives, one way or another trouble was never far away, however as the victims got older their problems got less and they were less troubled, it seems that age and wisdom healed the victims, now let me add this before I go further, a LOT of victims were branded as being born with mental illness and they were prescribed dangerous medication that they did not need, now let me move on, the question is that if the government are right about victims having being born with mental health problems how come the problems disappeared with age? Does age cure mental health?

The truth is that it took victims years to come to terms with the effects of the abuse that they suffered and with age came the wisdom to get our lives back on track and take control of the situation and the first step being telling the doctors that they can have the medication themselves.

The victims turned into the smarter people and they can be successful in anything that they turn their minds to. A powerful mind is a dangerous tool and if skill is applied well the sky is the limit!!! 😎

Legal eagle

I love to study our constitution and our judicial system, and knowledge is power and power puts a person who has knowledge in successful place in life.

The authorities have used and abused their positions and they are going to be held accountable by me.

The nuns are going to be visiting the central office of the high court very soon and their partners in crime the vile HSE!!!

Watch this blog !!!

What do you think?

Dead people receive more flowers that anyone because respect is stronger than gratitude!

I am going to be doing a lot more blogging

I have not done much blogging lately due to other issues going on in my life, issues that have held up my campaign for justice.

More blogs are on the way and I will expose the vile disgusting nuns and safeguarding Ireland who are bigger criminals than the nuns

Merry Christmas to the people who wish victims justice and go to hell with the ones who don’t!!!