DID THE MINISTER QUINN JUST DECIDE TO TAKE the PROMISED 110 MIllion euro to Survivors of abuse ?

DID The Minister here on Being questioned via this Oireachtas take our COMPENSATION accused us all as being totally damaged feeble weak downtrodden helpless and if given the 110 million would only spend it on Addictions and used this to set up a FUND to call it a CARANUA FUND  then steal our compensation on those accusations that we would only spend it on drink and drugs so HE can take this money and fund HIS OFFICE for TRAINING PURPOSES it seems by this evidence he did just that this is an ILLEGAL ACT because this money was not his to take he and CERTAINLY NOT FOR HIM TO JUDGE US,

He was obviously over spending and had to answer questions on how the tax payer is to fund his OFFICE and  he could not find a proper answer. He may be accountable but so is the rest of his party they knew obviously and Jan O Sullivan must now RESIGN in SHAME as she used the same filthy tactics to take our Compensation and BLOCK our children from funds.


THIS IS BAD FOLKS WE HAVE A CASE AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT The DATES are the same 2013 OUR FUND 110 MILLION to pay for HIS OFFICE do you read this as I do?