I haven’t gone away


New Year’s Message To The World 🌎

There is so much negativity in the world at the moment, we have wars and starvation, inflation, poverty and isolation, we have lost loved ones, we have murders, we have unspeakable crimes against innocent vulnerable children and adults, we have global warming, we have changes in our planet, the world is experiencing a lot of undue suffering, torture and torment.

Nearly everyone we meet will have a negative thing to say because there is very few positive things to talk about, however, you will notice that a lot of people in life will always talk negatively about everything, watch this person because there is every chance that you are in the company of evil who are out to destroy any hope of a better future, they want to put fear in us, and they want us to spread the negative word because they don’t want the light of God to shine through the darkness and bring a glimmer of hope to the world 🌎

When a tragedy happens in the world you will hear the negative people say where is God now and how come God let this happen, well the truth is that the evil people who spreads the negative word is trying to brainwash you into believing that there is no God, this is the mission of the negative people, they are working with the devil in a bid for people to destroy the world, drain every bit of hope that there is for a better future for generations to come.

The devil has many disguises and his followers are causing tragedies in the world and then they question us about God, they blame God for their handmade acts of evil against humanity.

I have lived a few Life’s in the one life and I can tell you that there is a God and there is a devil, as sure as we have a day and a night we also have a heaven and hell, and at the end of life on this earth we are played back our actions in this life and those actions will determine if you go to heaven or to hell.

Negative People who are on the mission to destroy the word of God are using you in spreading the word of negativity and it is causing confusion and leaving people feeling hopeless and lost but it doesn’t have to be that way, people can change their negativity and become people who spread the word of God, the word of God is the words of love and peace, joy and happiness, forgiveness and acceptance that nobody is perfect and people can change, negativity can be turned into positivity and we can all spread the word of God and make the world a better place for everyone.

Here are two examples of negative people;

Negative people look out at the rain and say what a horrible day, and they will say that it’s going to rain all day, a positive person will say, it’s raining a bit but God is good and the sun will be shining before we know it.

Negative people will say that the war in Ukraine is going to get worse, and positive people will say pray for Putin to come to his senses and stop this war. The war in Ukraine is nothing to do with God, it’s to do with the Devil who gained the respect of Putin and Putin is doing the work of the devil.

If you watch the true story of Anne Frank in 1941 to 1945 holocaust where Nazi Germany and it’s collaborators systematically murdered six million Jewish people, you will see that Putin is repeating what Hitler did to the Jewish people across German Occupied Europe, it is evil and it is disgusting.

Spread the word of God and pray for the evil people that they may change their evil ways and become good people who spread the word of God.

See the good in people and if you see no good pray for them and encourage them to change their ways, people shouldn’t be quick to judge people, people should give people the benefit of the doubt otherwise we are judging people and we have no right to judge anyone.

Be kind to those who try to hurt you and your actions will either help them to change their ways or it will torment them that you are being nice to them when you shouldn’t be, and in their torment they might surrender to their wrong ways and they might become better people who are out to do good things and not negative about everything which only brings further suffering in the world 🌎

Happy New Year 🎊